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Swedish translator

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Translation from English to Swedish? Need a Swedish translator? I offer translation to Swedish and other languages for companies and organisations.

I am a native speaker of Swedish, and I emphasise being accessible, punctual and confidential. I am articulate, with a high standard of linguistic skill, and I am detail-oriented and possess good research competencies, regardless of the subject area or topic – qualities which are important when translating, in order to deliver a text that takes account of its purpose and target audience.

Your texts are the outward face of your products to the world and your first point of contact with the customer, so they should reflect the quality of your brand.

A good translation does not sound like a translation.

It is important to be loyal to the form and style of the source text, but translations that are too literal rarely function well in the target language. What’s more, routine translations undertaken by anonymous translators with no commitment to your business can quickly become costly and damage your brand.

Accurate and natural-sounding translations by a Swedish translator who is committed to your products and services, uses the right tone and listens to your feedback will on the other hand prove a sound investment that strengthens your brand, builds loyalty with your target audience, and furthers your business goals.

All of my translations undergo thorough proofreading twice before delivery, as a further guarantee of quality.

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My workflow:


My three best-known direct clients

I have both large and small clients – here are my top three. Will I be your new Swedish translator?

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Technical details

I make use of the translation software SDL Trados Studio 2022. This is a tool that both facilitates translation work, helps to ensure consistency between source and target text, and checks to ensure that figures, for example, match. The program’s memory helps to secure consistent terminology for each client – which is especially important in a long-term client relationship. I also build up client-specific term databases.

Besides translation from English to Swedish, I also offer translations to and from other languages, such as Norwegian and Danish, with the assistance of professional colleagues.



I always meet my deadlines. If the task is a small one, I can often offer same-day or next-day delivery.

In times of exceptional workload, I can rely on the help of skilled colleagues.

I naturally quality-check all translations before delivery.

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